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95+96-1 The Rock/Sunny977 + Laughable Productions are looking for the funniest comic in Fond du Lac County! Qualifying rounds will take place October 21 though November 18. Finalists perform at Gobblefest!


Here’s How Fondy’s Funniest Comic is Chosen

Thursday nights between 10/21-11/18 (1x per week) amateur local comedians should sign up and be accepted to perform will get a 7 minute shot on stage. Performances will begin at 7:30pm each evening.

Qualifying rounds/venues:

  • October 21 7pm @ The Hive (Highway 23 East Fond du Lac)

  • October 28 6pm @ Fat Joe’s (15 West Division Street Fond du Lac)

  • November 4 7pm @ Top Shelf (90 S. Main St. Fond du Lac)

  • November 11 7pm @ Fat Joe’s (15 West Division Street Fond du Lac)

  • November 18 7pm @ op Shelf (90 S. Main St. Fond du Lac)

  • November 24 7pm Fondy’s Funniest Finale @ Gobblefest XXII


At the conclusion of each weekly event, those in attendance will each have one vote. There will also be 3 official judges who will have voting privileges,. Voting will be calculated on a laptop. The person with the most votes will move onto the Fondy’s Funniest Finale at Gobblefest.

There will be one qualifier each week. Qualifier receives a $20 restaurant certificate, 2 –tickets to Gobblefest and the opportunity to perform in front of up to 1,000 people at Gobblefest Wednesday November 24, 2021 at the Fond du Lac Fairgrounds. Weekly contestants may participate up to 3 different times during the 5 week period, but can only qualify one time.

All 5 finalists will be required to perform for 7-10 minutes at Gobblefest on November 24. Same voting procedure will be in place. However, the 3 contest judges votes will count as 5 votes per vote cast. (This eliminates a simple popularity contest.)

The Fond du Lac’s Funniest Comic will win $100 cash, a VIP Table for 4 at the Homan Auto Game Plan (Green Bay Players at Fat Joe’s) and an opportunity to be part of a PAID gig during the winter of 2021 with Laughable Productions!


Sign Up To Perform:

  • Fill out the form here

  • Enter your information and submit a 2-3 minute demo for our Judges to review and pre-qualify you

  • Indicate which qualifying dates works best for you

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